I passed on a number of things this week. 7 different BTECs. All 3 of the lost Old Charter barrels '89, '91, and '93. There were the 2 French Oak bottles and also the Rice and Oats. The Rice and Oats were on clearance at $35 I think and the others were around $60. The French Oaks might have been $65. I didn't pay that much attention.

For the past few years I've been passing on a Hirsch 21 year Rye for $999 that has been laying on its side all that time. I also passed on the Hirsch 25 year bourbon sitting next to it for around $275. Is the 21 rye the same bottle that I've seen mentioned a lot around here recently? I have always ignored all Hirsch bottlings other than the 16 year bourbon and probably will continue to do so. I've always wondered why that bottle was so expensive. The store that has always had it generally has really good prices on things.

I also passed on a Rittenhouse 23 Rye for $199

Port Ellen 32 Year distillery bottle for $600+

Lagavulin 21 Year distillery bottle for $500+