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    Pappy's Lost Stash - '68 SW Old Fitz rebottling project as a Xmas present

    Hi SB,

    I thought I'd share this little follow up story after getting my hands on two amazing gallon bottles of SW Old Fitz from '67 and '68. As expected, getting a gallon bottle to pour was a SERIOUSLY hard proposition, and after seeing the guys down at the homebrew store, I decided to "decant" the gallon into 5 separate 750mls for easier transport and to help divvy up the stash between me and Pops. As my Dad is a software developer and hobbyist Photoshop Guru, we took it one step further and created our own custom label and bought fancy store-quality bottle sealer/twist caps as well as professional label paper....here are the results.

    The Latin translates as "the tail drags lightly on the ground," and it's an homage to my Grandpappy, as he crafted our family's crest with a Roadrunner during his time in the military....long story of why the Roadrunner, but suffice it to say, it's for a good reason. He ran around Japan as a military photographer and was also a Corporal in field administration, but there's more to it than that. I'm just impressed my Pops was able to get the shield/crest design to look so great.

    And yes...we did immediately crack the lowest filled one and had 2 very healthy pours each....oh MAN, is that whiskey good. It's hot initially, but the flavor of SW juice lingers for days. It is some of the finest whiskey I've ever had...and I brought 2 bottles home for my bunker. The cork on the gallon bottle smelled like it had been coated in maple syrup!

    We are saving the bottle from '67 for now, as we may do a second round of bottling....but we'll see.

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