I hope I don't offend any Dickel fans with this post, but I'm honestly stumped.

I'm still adding to my list of what will be everyday pours, so I often try random stuff, particularly if it's less than $25 or so. So far those are 4R Yellow Label, ERSB10, and Breckenridge (though I'm looking for an everyday higher proof item too). Yesterday I decided to give Tennessee a try (after a long layoff) and bought a bottle of Dickel #12. I was almost offended. The nose was almost completely plastic (or vinyl), with what can only be described as hints of baby powder. Nothing stood out really on the palate, because this vinyl was so overpowering. I set it aside for about 10 minutes, and it got a little better. I was able to finish the pour (the smell lessened considerably with time), and by the end I could identify a few things in the finish, which was about average in length - I got some wood, and a lot of dryness, and something I would characterize as either charcoal, or chalk.

Now I know I'm new to SB, and I really don't want to get written off immediately as someone without a palate, because I don't believe that is the case at all. (Happy to discuss my notes on anything I've tasted, so we can calibrate to each other.) I'm wondering a) could I have a bad bottle; and b) does Dickel do something that no one else does (that "cold-chilling" step, or something else) that just isn't sitting well with me.

Pre-post edit: I am a chemist, and as a scientist I know better than to draw conclusions from limited (or incorrect) data. I'm sitting here with tonight's glass of the product. The vinyl/plastic smell is gone, but the high note in the nose is still best described as baby powder. I get slight amounts of vanilla, but overall the nose is pretty thin (synonym for weak/almost absent). The palate is also thin on flavor, though I get small amounts of tobacco. The finish is longer than last night, with a higher alcohol "burn" (I hate that word, because it generally has a bad connotation, and I personally don't think a burn is a bad thing in and of itself). I get none of the charcoal or chalk that I had last night, and on the fourth sip I am finally getting the wood that I had last night.

Additional info: 1) Same glass was used both nights, washed, rinsed with distilled water, then rinsed with laboratory grade ethanol and air-dried. It's not a Glencairn, it's just a square, open (straight-sided) glass (A Crown Royal Black commemorative glass actually).
2) Last night, the Dickel was preceded (earlier in the evening) by a small pour each of the Weller 12 and the OWA 107 in an A/B comparison. A couple of hours went by before the Dickel was poured.
3) Tonite, the Dickel was preceded (3 hours or so ago) by a 1.5 oz pour of Tomatin 12 Scotch.

Any thoughts on my last night's experience, or on this Dickel product? I'm not looking to start a war on my first day, but SB is a resource I want to use to its fullest.