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    Bourbons with Caramel and/or Butterscotch flavor in their profile

    Hey folks,

    I did a search on the forums and only came up with one thread from about two years ago asking a similar question, so I figured it would be okay to pose the question again.

    I'm looking for bourbons with a sweet spot. The most recent example I've had in my cabinet is ORVW 10/107, but I'm hoping to find a more regular and hopefully less expensive 'everyday pour'. I think OWA may kinda-sorta fall into this category, but it's been awhile so I don't know if my memory is to be trusted.

    Quick story --- Back when I first got into bourbon (and the only two I had at that point were BT and MM), I ordered some Woodford Reserve at a nice restaurant. It tasted of butterscotch and vanilla... it was delicious, even my wife liked it! Then I bought a bottle the next week, and it had basically NONE of that character at all! I don't know how the flavor could be so different... Did the bartender pour me a different bourbon? Or maybe it spent so much time in the opened bottle at the bar that it 'opened up'?. Did the atmposhere/food affect my palate? I have no idea.

    So anyway --- are there any regularly available pours that feature that caramel or butterscotch sweetness? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    ADDED: Sorry if that doesn't read too smoothly --- kids are freaking NUTS today!!! Can't look away from 'em for more then 10 seconds at a time.
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