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    Re: Bourbons with Caramel and/or Butterscotch flavor in their profile

    Thanks for all the quick replies!

    Elmer T Lee --- YES, I've read very positive tasting notes that seem to echo what you guys are saying. But of course, can't get it here in AZ (Gonna have to beg Total Wine will import for me -- read too many good things about this one).

    Old Charter 101`or 10yr -- Would definitely fit in my budget (I just meant 'less expensive than Van Winkle products), but it's another brand that isn't available here.

    BT --- You guys are right about that, though I get more vanilla than Butterscotch and/or caramel. My last bottle of BT was really dry, maybe that's why I forgot to mention it.

    AAA 10 yr -- Of course, the only Ancient Age I can find in stores here is the super-cheap version, based on reviews here I've stayed away.

    Weller 12yr --- I actually have a bottle of this, but only had a pour or two of it a month ago. Don't remember much caramel/butterscotch, but I was fighting off a cold at the time. Maybe the SB blend (which I've been saving it for, until I grab a bottle of OWA) will bring out that thicker caramel type profile.

    The overall theme here seems to be that AZ is bigoted against this flavor profile.
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