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    Re: Howdy from Houston

    Quote Originally Posted by unclebunk View Post
    Uh, oh. Another smknjoe? Ain't one already more than we can handle? But seriously though, welcome to SB and glad to hear you're a wheater, rye and beer guy, just like some of us civilized folks! Haven't had any Flying Dog lately. Do you get Cisco beers from Nantucket in your neck of the woods? They are fairly new to the Chicago market but have proven to be quite tasty, at least the ones I've sampled so far. Best wishes in 2013!
    Haven't seen it but will pick it up if I do. Most of FD's stuff is pretty tame and not to my liking. Double Dog is the only one of their's I'll buy. Lot's of people like Raging Bitch by them. A buddy of mine swears by Upslope Brewing in Colorado. Haven't tried any myself. I'll post if I find anything I think is worthy.

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    Re: Howdy from Houston

    Quote Originally Posted by smknjoe View Post
    That would imply that the wood stoppers weren't around before the glass, but I only started seeing the glass within the last few years. I first bought JR in 2000-2001 at my friend's liquor store called Avalon (which he sold around 2003-2004) and the bottles had a spherical wooden stopper. Plus, I'm pretty sure that it had an age statement of 15 years. The last bottle I purchased was about a year ago and I'm pretty sure it was the same one. I left it over at a friends house over the Thanksgiving holiday (2012) so I don't have it here to refer to. Sounds like they have changed the bottle again and I may have lucked out and got an older bottle the last time.
    I have a couple of glass stopper bottles that have 15 YO age statement. They may have switched back and forth; regardless the NAS product I would pass on.

    Avalon? Are you friends with Victor Patel or his relatives?

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    Re: Howdy from Houston

    No, but the name sounds familiar. My brother may know him as he's in the restaurant biz. He (my brother) used to own Franklin Street Coffee House and Byrd's Market downtown. My friend that owned the liquor store is Mark Lotsu. I know there were a few Avalons in town. His was the one on Memorial next to the Rice Epicurean.

    Any idea where the 15 YO juice was coming from back then? After trying that I didn't care for other premiums as much such as Knob Creek, Bakers, Bookers, 1792, etc.

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    Re: Howdy from Houston

    Welcome to the group

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