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    Re: Books that you have read and enjoyed

    Quote Originally Posted by squire View Post
    Just pre-ordered from Amazon Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey: An American History by Michael Veach, in order to take advantage of an $8.00 savings. Any book on Bourbon by Professor Veach is a welcome addition to my library.

    That maybe a request for my birthday
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    Re: Books that you have read and enjoyed

    Quote Originally Posted by Mikede1285 View Post
    I'll second Boozehound. Obviously isn't focused solely on bourbon or even whiskey, but quite an entertaining read. It also opened me up to being more adventurous in my cocktail selection.
    I will happily third Boozehound. An easy and entertaining read that can be picked up and put down after most any chapter making it perfect for traveling.
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    Re: Books that you have read and enjoyed

    Update: I have purchased and readBut always fine bourbon” I enjoyed it. After reading it, I came back to this post.

    I just ordered Bourbon, Straight: The Uncut and Unfiltered Story of American Whiskey By Charles K. Cowdery. I am looking forward to reading his book.
    Thanks to all who posted. Continue to post great reads.
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    Re: Books that you have read and enjoyed

    I just finished Beam Straight Up by Fred Noe. A great and easty read, and I could hear Fred's voice in every story

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    Re: Books that you have read and enjoyed

    I've read "Beginner" by Raymond Carver, followed by Richard Yates "11 kinds of loneliness". Both were damn, damn good writers, there prose left my dabbling and thinking about it days later.

    PS: Sorry, I've just found out this is a thread about bourbon & books, I was too fast, sorry folks!
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