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    Pappy Van Wink and other infused cigars

    Has anyone tried the Pappy Van Wink cigars from Drew Estates? How about any other bourbon infused cigars, be it the Maker's Mark or some other cigar. I've only had one MM cigar, but it was not kept properly was way dried out. I got absolutely no hints of bourbon in it at all, but I don't know if that was simply because of it not being stored properly or not.

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    Re: Pappy Van Wink and other infused cigars

    I don't know a damn thing about cigars, but I've had a Blanton's which was pretty good. Granted, it was after a whisky tasting so that might have had an affect on my perceptions.
    Robert Parker on Blanton's: "... this is either a brilliant master blend or a bourbon with some serious age. "

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    Re: Pappy Van Wink and other infused cigars

    When I smoke cigars, it's usually of the smaller, flavored pipe tobacco variety. I was gifted a MM cigar a while back. It was pretty good IMHO.
    " I never met a Weller I didn't like"

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    Re: Pappy Van Wink and other infused cigars

    Is there a website to buy some of the Pappy or Blantons cigars? I don't smoke, but I know somebody that does me has been looking.



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