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Thread: Bourbon Gelato

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    Re: Bourbon Gelato

    Quote Originally Posted by Vosgar View Post
    [ I wonder what type of bourbon they used in the recipe?
    I was afraid to ask, figuring it was probably a bottom shelfer [/QUOTE]
    Funny thing is it wouldn't really matter. We always used the cheapest champagne and box wine for our stuff. A high end hotel sent several bottles of $100 a bottle champagne for a special order that they wanted. You couldn't tell the difference. As my boss said, once you add sugar and water then sick it in the freezer it all taste the same.
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    Re: Bourbon Gelato

    I make a Bourbon Vanilla ice cream with fresh vanilla beans and Beam - which is my go to cooking bourbon. No reason to waste expensive bourbon because once you add the milk, cream, eggs, sugar and vanilla beans the nuances of the bourbon are lost.



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