Hi there,

New to the site and excited to share in the community here on SB. I am a relative newbie when it comes to whiskey, but I've been incredibly lucky in my short, recent experience. As of three years ago, all I knew about whiskey was that Jameson was about the only stuff I'd ever tasted that was even remotely agreeable to me. Granted I had a saucepan for a palate back then, now I've got something more like a sieve, still not really catching more than hints before everything disappears into a happy, contented warmth, but luckily that just lead me to pour more juice into sieve.

As life and luck would have it, with a very limited amount of knowledge, I found myself a bartender at a whiskey bar. I know many claim to be whiskey bars, but this place truly does justice to the idea. It's a small place situated in a college town coffeeshop that happens to have Port Ellens and BMH16 among the extensive roster of pours. I warped from someone who was generally disinterested in what I drank alcoholwise to wanting to taste every whiskey I possibly can. And I've been lucky, as I found myself among people who were willing to share their knowledge and the juice, and that is what it's all about for me. Talking about the experiences and sharing the time, contemplating the sauce and forming your own personal relationships.

I really look forward to learning from all of you. I have been following the forums for awhile and have recently joined to get in on the fun. As the name suggests I am a rye kinda guy, with rye bourbons a close second. I regularly drink BT and ER10 for bourbon, and I occasionally will dip into ER17 when the time is right. But I am always sorting through a bunch of different ryes. Willett ryes, redemption, Jefferson's 10, baby Saz, Rittenhouse BiB are always cycling through, and my special pours are currently a Rittenhouse 25 and a VWFRR, that I recently decanted into an appropriate sized bottle to save until I can get another. If I can control myself. Which I doubt.

My holy grail of whiskey is currently the BMH23 or BMH18 ryes. I had the pleasure of polishing off a bottle of the 23 for my birthday that had lingered for over a year on the ole whisky bar top shelf, best birthday gift ever. I know of a local liquor store owner who will share his half bottle with me if I go in there with some good juice to share, but I don't want to push it with that, understandably. I would happily take any information that could help me in the pursuit of that, and yes, I realize that those are two really, really hard to get bottles, but if you know anything please PM me.

I also am happy to share, especially if you're local and want to get together and taste through some bottles. I have to admit most of the time I have facilitated get togethers of that sort instead of being a part of them. My drinks at the bar are normally kept to one, as I'd rather sink the money into a bottle to keep for myself and whoever happens to come over.

Thank you to all of you for the wealth of knowledge and perspective that is SB. I toast you all with a neat three fingers of some old, sweet and spicy rye with a hearty, woody finish that just won't quit! Welcome warmth on a cold New England night!