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Not fraudulent? Probably not legally, but when any producer of NPP whisky intentionally makes a material misrepresentation of fact for their own monetary gain what do you call it . . . fibbing?
Just that: a misrepresentation. Technically, it'd be a fraud if they lied on the bottle and said they distilled it. But they don't lie. Instead they use suggestive advertising to make you 'think' they distilled it.

Its kind of like what you see today with law schools and career reporting statistics; schools report 98% of students are employed 9 months after graduation, but what they dont report is that half of them are employed as cashiers at Walmart.

While I'm a big fan of Willett's releases (primarily the family reserve stuff), I'm def not a fan of misrepresentations (looking at you, Templeton). But when it comes to whiskey, especially with the interwebs, smartphones, and all that jazz, does it really matter? If you care to find out, it's easy info to obtain. And if you're just some schlub grabbing a bottle off of the shelf because it looks pretty, do you really think they care whether or not it's Willett juice? Prob not.