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    "Article" about Larceny creates my question about Old Fitzgerald

    I got my issue of The Bourbon Review today (which is a periodical I can't really recommend, but it was a Christmas present). There is an puff piece on the Larceny "backstory". In it, the HH director of corporate communications (Larry Kass) is attributed with quashing "rumors that Larceny would eventually replace Old Fitzgerald, saying Heaven Hill will continue to produce Old Fitz for those half a dozen or so markets where it continues to be popular" (emphasis added).

    Is it true that current day Old Fitz is only available in a few markets? Are any of those near Florida? While I am slowly combing through the multiple "Dusties" threads to make my own personal "I'll be on the lookout for these" list, I was hoping to taste the present day version of this product, because of all the attention the name gets here on SB, but I've not seen it anywhere so far. (Though I've not yet undertaken my inaugural dusty hunting trip.)

    As an afterthought, one more question: Is Larceny widely available as well? I've not seen it either, though there is plenty of a bourbon called Breaking and Entering around here.
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