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    Sale on Binny's Hand-picked Rendezvous

    I was just looking at Binny's site tonight and noticed a Sales link. Followed it and lo and behold, Binny's Hand-picked Rendezvous was there at the other end. Staring at me. Tempting me to buy it.

    Now, I try to limit my alcohol purchasing (scoff away) and my upcoming purchase was supposed to be a bottle of Maraschino. However, this sale Rendezvous is five bucks cheaper than standard Rendezvous, and 100 proof (versus 92) to boot. So I guess I'll have to wait on that Maraschino.

    Anyone tried this Binny's version? Any remarks?

    Anyway, I'll be off to purchase a bottle tomorrow. I'm not sure how long this has been/will be on sale, but I thought I'd give all you High West fans a heads-up.

    Edit: I'd like to clarify that I am not purchasing this solely because it is on sale. I've only heard good things about the regular Rendezvous and it's been on my whiskey list so I figured this was a good opportunity to finally get a bottle. For those interested, it's normally $59.99 and is currently $49.99. And Double Rye! Binny's HP is going for $36.99 instead of the usual $44.99.
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