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    Re: Rebel Yell Ownership Change?

    Squire- That is the rumor. It was supposedly devised by Beam and Lou Forman. They wanted a product that was very different than anything else on the market- something that had a good "traditional whiskey" flavor, but was not too expensive to produce. The result was a 50% corn mashbill that was distilled in the column and doubler and then aged in a mix of new and used cooperage for about 6 years. If you've never had it, try blending your Rittenhouse 50/50 with some Old Forester or 1792 and you'll get the idea.
    Michter's Distillery, Inc. DSP-PA-17 Schaefferstown, PA.
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    Re: Rebel Yell Ownership Change?

    While Rebel Yell is delicious, discerning gentlemen sip Champale.

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    Re: Rebel Yell Ownership Change?

    Had quite a lot of it actually Ethan, it was on the shelves here for several years in the mid-late '70s. It wasn't as smooth as Forester and lacked the rich taste of Yellowstone or Taylor but it was respectable enough.

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    Re: Rebel Yell Ownership Change?

    Quote Originally Posted by cowdery View Post
    Paramount did distill once upon of time. In fact, they made bourbon and other whiskey. Their master distiller was Charles Everett Beam. This was in the 1950s, before he went to Michter's. I'm pretty confident they don't make anything now.

    Interesting that Meiers is part of it. I can remember seeing their products a lot growing up in Ohio, but I can't say that I ever bought any of them.
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    Re: Rebel Yell Ownership Change?

    You can't really assume anything about the source of Rebel Yell. I wouldn't assume they're even committed to only using wheated bourbon. Most likely it's whatever they can get for the lowest price. The nature of the bulk business has changed a little in the last few years, so it's not as safe as it once was to assume Heaven Hill is the source of everything.

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    Re: Rebel Yell Ownership Change?

    Paramount Distillers, Cleveland, O

    Paramount distillers.png

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    Re: Rebel Yell Ownership Change?

    Well, my wife switched from OGD to the yell. She likes it!
    personally, I like the Reserve.
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