While I was waiting for my account to verify, I spent a lot of time traversing the archives of the site to much delight. What a really great resource.

So, here is my dilemma... I am looking to build a nice, complete bourbon collection with selections from various ranges. My problem is that I seem to have begun this undertaking in reverse order. I work with a guy who is obsessed with bourbon and always has the inside track on the release locations of hard-to-find bottles. I have always tagged along when he goes and, because I have always liked bourbon quite a bit (but was never obsessed), I have purchased a fair number of those bourbons at the same time. Alas, my selection contains a PVW 20, PVW 15, ORVW 10/107, ER17, and GTS. He has also told me to buy up Weller 12 when I see it and I have obliged because I love it too.

But my problem is that I would now like to focus my attention on acquiring some middle- and lower-tier bourbons to fill out the selection (and to keep me from polishing off the good stuff before I can get more), but I don't want to just pick up the same ol' same ol'. I find myself trained in going to the store looking for something that is hard to find rather than picking up a nice $20-40 bottle I want to give a shot, knowing that I can go home and have something great.

Can anyone help me find about 8-10 bottles in the $15-$50 range that I should have to make my selection more complete? I would also like to pick up a rye or two.

Thanks for all the help and I appreciate being a part of this site.