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    Man, this is overwhelming!

    Man, the beginning of my 'quest' to learn more about the bourbon I consume is more overwhelming than I thought it'd be! I've always liked the stuff, generally speaking, and it's been my spirit of choice for as long as I've been drinking. I can't think of any that I absolutely did NOT like, but rather, find myself liking everything somewhere on a spectrum. Make sense?

    I've been lurking around the forums for the past few days as I've waited for my account to be validated/approved, and there are definitely similarities between the whiskey/bourbon and cigar worlds (not all batches tasting the same, limited releases, etc., etc.). Also, I'm trying to keep to the advice I tell people new to cigars: Do NOT rush out and go nuts over top shelf stuff. It's not that you won't like it, but rather, you won't appreciate how truly "special" it might be.

    Don't make your first cigar an Arturo Fuente Anejo Shark or an Opus X.

    And I find myself looking at the $30-$50 price range at my 'main' local source (BevMo), blinded by the higher end bottles. I want them! But I also know I won't truly appreciate them. My cabinet consists of Wild Turkey Rare Breed, Buffalo Trace, Elijah Craig 12 Year, a couple EWSBs (that won't get opened any time soon, if ever - they're "bottled on" the exact day my daughter was born, 8-8-12) and a couple other non-bourbon whiskeys. But certainly there are bigger and better things out there, yes?

    So it's tough knowing that I SHOULD stick to the lower level (for lack of a better word) bourbons for now. That I need to. Patience is a virtue, and all that. But still, it's tough!
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