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What are you using for the apricot brandy? I usually use Marie Brizzard Apry since true apricot brandy like Barack Palinka tends to be hard to come by and is generally not as sweet as what is typically in the usual apricot mixers. But the MB is pretty decent.
Rothman and Winter Orchard Apricot - but I do believe Apry is very similar in profile. I think it is rare for cocktails to call for dry apricot brandy (like an eau de vie - Blume Marillen is an example, from Haus Alpenz who also imports the Rothman and Winter stuff), but like anything there are exceptions.

I don't know, bad_scientist - I will say that good apricot brandy is pretty awesome in a cocktail if used intelligently, but I wouldn't try to drink it on its own. I agree about the .1% comment, but that is probably true about Pappy Van Winkle as well . I am from the county myself, so I cannot say I know. I do pick up most of my cocktail ingredients from the Wine Source, however.