The Tipperary was one of the options for my St. Patty's gathering on Saturday evening although I used The Irishman single malt, Carpano Antica, green chartreuse and a touch of rich simple syrup along with a couple of dashes of orange bitters to liven it up a bit. I thought it was quite good and my guests seemed to agree!

But then who doesn't like free drinks...

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Recently been trying a lot of the Top Picks cocktails off of Fred Yarm's Cocktail Virgin blog. Some satisfying drinks, and a great way to use up my homemade ingredients to boot.

In honor of some saint, tonight was a more traditional cocktail: the Irish take on a Bijou, a.k.a. a Tipperary.

2 pts. Irish whiskey (Clontarf)
1 pt. green Chartreuse
1 pt. sweet vermouth (Dolin)