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    Tasting note adjectives - how specific can one really be?


    I know there are "supertasters" who can pick out more flavor elements than the rest of us. However, as much as
    I enjoy either listening too or reading various "tasting" notes, I am somewhat doubtful of the dozen or more
    various notes some people pick out.

    We all have the basic - sweet , sour, bitter, salty and "umami" / savory.
    Other possible notes are - cool, dry, fattiness, "heartiness, numbness, hotness, temperature.

    Now, within these categories we can say "sweet like honey or sweet like sugar" etc.
    Personally, I tend to pick out 3-5 flavor notes at most. Now, maybe if I had a nosing kit and really
    trained my senses I could add more. Some notes are just hard to describe.

    When you read of notes with 12+ individual scents or flavors......bee honey from South Africa, honeysuckle from Georgia, an unusual tea,
    various candies, vegetables, fruits etc. do you experience them yourself or do you hunt for them after reading the notes?
    I think the mind will find what it is looking for in these situations. Just comparing notes on the same whiskey or other beverage shows
    a few common experiences but quite often very different notes as well. How much B.S. is a part of such reviews?

    How many individual notes do you think you can pick out for each phase...nose, palate taste, after taste?

    In addition...Supertasters are not indicative of the rest of us so their reporting is really not applicable.
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supertaster They are more sensitive to certain flavors...if the average person isn't it
    will not matter.
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