Don't you just love the prose that comes from the whiskey ad copywriter?

Prestige Imports LLC searched the United States to find the right combination of American Craftsmanship and Quality to produce Rod & Rifle Bourbon. The long and exhausting search lead us to Whiskey City U.S.A. located in Dearborn County Indiana. Lawrenceburg, the county seat of Dearborn County, is on the banks of the Ohio River about 25 miles down river from Cincinnati, Ohio.

Established in 1847 the now Lawrenceburg Distiller Indiana plant has over 160 years of Distilling Heritage. The plant is located in the heart of the Midwest Corn Belt and uses cold, pure and naturally filtered water sourced from ancient aquifers. Rod & Rifle Bourbon whiskey is copper distilled, Chilled filtered, and aged in new charred white oak barrels for 24 months. We have spared no expense or experience bringing this high quality American Crafted Bourbon Whiskey to your home, hunting or fishing cabin. Whenever possible please promote our efforts in preserving America’s hunting and fishing heritage.

Anyone ever see or taste this one?

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