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    Re: Which one: EC18 or OFBB 2012?

    Quote Originally Posted by smokinjoe View Post
    See Joel, what you do in this instance is put that originally budgeted $60 into a Future Purchases Account. Since the $268.47 so far exceeded the $60 plan, the $60 is actually unused funds, and can be applied to additional whiskey purchases at a later date, as long as you do so within 48 hrs. In addition, the 10% savings you realized ($27--nice job of rounding UP, by the way. But, I always round up to the nearest $10 increment. So, really it should be $30...) can also be applied to your Future Purchases Account. Therefore in the end, you accumulated $87 ($90 if it were me...) of free money for future bourbon purchases!!! Voila!, you now have the extra cash available to indeed pick up that bottle of 2012 PHC today that you couldn't afford yesterday!! You actually are paying yourself by spending more!!! It's a no-brainer in my book.

    I know this may sound complicated to the recently diagnosed Whiskirexia Nervosans, but this is just general basic Whiskey Accounting Principles 101.

    We'll be getting more advanced as we discuss the WET (Washington Excessive Tax) deduction. I'll expand on this later, but basically you get to deduct the excessive tax rate you would have payed had you purchased your whiskey in Washington, from the amount you claim you spent to your wife. In a nutshell, in your example above, The WET deduction would allow you to legally claim an expenditure of ~$189 to your wife, instead of the $268.47. And, (heres the good part!) the deduction can be fully deposited into your Future Purchases Account!!
    Joe, you are a genius. Unfortunately, my wife is an accountant and I think the two might cancel each other out. I may still print your post for future expenditure justification. Even if she remains unmoved, it wouldn't be the first time I got, "The Talk."

    "A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals and you know it."
    -Agent Kay

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    Re: Which one: EC18 or OFBB 2012?

    Quote Originally Posted by smokinjoe View Post
    This may be your first test to see if you have whiskirexia nervosa like the rest of us. I'm guessing you gots it...Here's what happens...You want to only choose one. You even ask for advice on which one to pick. Of course, our advice is to get both. But, you think that's silly. You're not as sick as "those people" on SB. You make up your mind, and choose "the one" you're going to get. You get to the store, and see them both there. Confidently, you reach for your choice...but something whispers in your ear, and gives you doubt. You lustily look at the other bottle. Now, back to your first choice. You begin to try and add quickly in your head...$38 plus...$55...plus tax...Dammit!! You start to perspire. You now can't make that decision you were so sure was "right". You begin to pace. You divert your attention to the bottom shelf in a feeble attempt to stem the tide of Temptation. You look back up...it's worse...You begin to justify that you can, and should, get both. Yeah. What to tell the wife? Figure that one out later. You tell yourself, "I deserve these!!" Plus, you figure you can just leave one in the car, and only take one into the house....yeah, that's what you can do. Then. Then, you notice that other...THIRD bottle you didn't see before...a CEHT, or a 2012 PHC, or possibly a 2012 4RSmB LE??? Maybe, you should get that one, too. You know, there's only one on the shelf. It might be gone when ("if" is not in the equation) you get back there...You have to do it. Get it...NOW...Then, you figure, you might as well get your "everydayer pours", while you're there. Sure, why not? An OGD here . An Evan Williams, there. What's that? Never seen the OWA??? EVerybody raves about it...$24. Not bad, you say, and drop it in the buggy, too. You reason that you can drink those, and not rip through the expensive bottles you just talked yourself in to. Makes perfect sense. Doesn't it? So, when you get to the register, instead of one bottle in a bag, the checkout guy begins looking for a Svedka Vodka box to put your collection in, and offering to help you carry it to your car...

    Don't resist. It's futile.


    This is a classic Joe! These are the posts that I show people who ask how I could spend time on a "bourbon message board"! Just saved me a trip to the doctor for a diagnosis :-)
    Gary (aka 'Country')
    "Too much of anything is bad, but too much of good whiskey is barely enough." - Mark Twain
    "Because Whiskey Matters!" - David Perkins



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