I freely admit to being new to the world of Bourbon...so far, the last six months have found me adding bottles at a rapid rate to my "bunker". Favorites include Angels Envy, Pappy 15 and some Four Roses....these are all "easy" drinking with either a little water or an ice cube. Coming from a wine centric background, these drinks allow me to test my pallate, identify layers / flavors etc and really savor. However, I have purchased some bottles ( Bookers, Angels Envy Cask, Willett 4 year, and a few more ) that are 120+ proof. I'm having a hard time getting past the alcohol burn. How do you more experienced bourbon drinkers get past this....do you add water / ice / let it breath in the glass for a while. I'm sure there is a way to enjoy 120 proof as much as 85-90, i just haven't found it.