Good session with the Master! Jimmy Russel is a rare breed himself and he seems to genuinely enjoy sitting with bourbon enthusiasts and talking about his craft. I find it hard to say that WT is uninspiring though .. although I can understand how one might think that. I think that the WT products deliver a good, solid bourbon experience and I'm most impressed how they take a high rye formula and bring it in with a solid sweetness that is typically very easy to drink. The 81 is so much different from all of the others that it almost comes across as a wheated taste to me. The 101 rye was way better than the watered down version so I would definately agree that coming along with a watered down version of the 101 was an uninspiring move on their part. I think that had to be simply a matter of economics and I doubt Jimmy enjoyed having to stretch that juice out to satisfy corporate interests.