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    Re: Balcones: Next stop, world domination?

    Quote Originally Posted by cowdery View Post
    He had an interesting question. Do these tiny distilleries really have enough output to support distribution to Australia?
    The more likely answer is that when they can't find enough locals to buy into the story (due to high price and/or poor quality) they need to find other markets to survive. Sometimes they can find people with tastes that match their product or simply greater fools than the locals.

    Every entrepreneur believes what they have for sale is the greatest. When they can't find people close to home that agree, they will try to find them elsewhere. On very rare occasions what they have is actually good and it takes someone far away to buy it before the locals "get it"*.

    *an example of this is Forty Creek. Few in Canada (Ontario) cared for the stuff so they exported to Texas where it became popular. After a while Canadians caught on and they are now the darlings of Canadian whisky. (I've tried a few and still don't "get it" )
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