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    Tomatin "dusty" find? Need info

    Question for the experts out there, as the search feature has not helped me. I drink Tomatin 12, and it comes in the box pictured. Today I was in a liquor store new to me, and the owner's supply was not in boxes, but rather in round tubes, like many other Scotches. I didn't think to take a picture, so the only other description I can provide is that the tubes were black (though not quite as black today's boxes), the font for the lettering was much less modern than today's, and the printed letters may have been light gray or silver, rather than today's white lettering (but I'm not certain of that).

    I'm trying to determine how old these bottles are. Does anyone know when the changeover in packaging may have occurred? Are these bottles old enough that the whiskey in them may be significantly different than today's product? If so, are those differences enough to make this a significant find?
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