I recently went on a run of local liquor stores hunting for dusties and came across an interesting item I'd never seen before:
a Dewar's Centennial Flagon, from 1986. It was unopened in the original box, and they were asking 150 for it. Have always enjoyed Dewars in the past, but in my memory it hasn't ever been standout stuff. I am intrigued by this bottle but would love some advice before buying the bottle given the price tag. I haven't been able to find much information on it. Is the whiskey particularly tasty? Is the bottle particularly collectible? Is the price egregious or fair? It must be noted that I found one EBay auction of an empty dewars ceramic centennial flagon for $90. The guy who showed me the bottle in the display case said he had been working at the shop for 18 years and it was the first time he had even opened the case for anyone. It must be said that the primary purpose of this establishment is the sale of live bait. How this bottle ended up here is a mystery, as is the bottle itself. Please enlighten me SB.com members. Please.