I wrote about this today and it occurs to me that what Beam does with Devil's Cut is a very mild version of what Cleveland is doing, which is forcing more extractives from the wood. From the taste of Devil's Cut, what you mostly get is a lot of tannic acid, which is okay when it's a little bit more -- whatever charm Devil's Cut has comes from that -- but a lot more would taste really awful.

I also don't want to think ill of Tom Lix. I want to think he is merely misguided. But with his training he knows the right way to demonstrate what his process does is not to compare his whiskey to Bulleit or Knob Creek, as he's been doing, but to the 6-month old (allegedly) bourbon he started with. Has anyone heard of him allowing someone to taste that?

Although one assumes that if it was a complete scam, the product would taste better.