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    Re: A Superlative Jack Daniels

    JD has become my "go to" whiskey lately. I have purchased all the limited edition bottles available in Ontario, Canada. Most recently the Master Distiller Series #1. This bottles does taste different than the White Rabbit Saloon, both at 43% abv. The MDS #1 tastes spicier, and the WRS tastes much sweeter. The 1954 Gold Metal tastes a bit spicy, not as sweet, and has no where close to the amount of wood influence of the others (Black Label, WRS, MDS #1, Single Barrel). I wonder if they took the barrels from the lower floors, in the center of the warehouse like they are said to do with the Green Label.

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    Re: A Superlative Jack Daniels

    Excellent comments both. Jack has improved considerably in the last 10 years, all versions. All my friends here who enjoy whiskey agree on this.




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