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Lordy. I hope this never happens to me. There are a few thousand $ worth of noteworthy bottles on my shelves & under tables at home and in the office (and some in my trunk). Most are unopened. My challange is trying to forecast the end of life so that I can get started and finish both the stash and life at approximately the same time!

Here's a suggestion: Start visiting the typical bars that offer only Jack Daniels, and one more whatever. Order one of those dozen offerings of Grey Goose and try to spike it up with olives, lemon peels and onions. Then switch over .. as some have suggested .. to those wonderful gins .. and .. if you're still off bourbon .. dive into the peat.

If you're not back to the wonderful complexity and all-American juice of the Master Distillers of Kentucky by now .. I would suggest gravitating to a board where they discuss wierd sex, boar hunting or saskwatch.

My sympathies & deepest condolences. I hope you pull through this and know that we are family.
This could possibly be categorized as a classic post. Well said with great entertainment value!!