Well, figured it was about time to hop off the bench and get into the game. I have been gleaning this great community for information for the past year or so. Usually I hop online while I am enjoying a bourbon with nothing on my mind that I want to read about. Then, I find myself going down the rabbit hole following multipage posts then jumping to the similar threads suggestions and making a night out of it. I enjoy this experience and thank the community for the wealth of knowledge that is stored here.

I started to really get into bourbon about 4 years ago after a road trip with some college buddies to the bourbon trail with a side trip to Keenland. Since then I have dialed down the craft brews and bourbon has become my drink of choice. My go to every dayer is four roses small batch at the moment. I just finished building my basement bar so I look forward to hear everyone's favorites so I can stock it appropriately!