I wrote over in the Rye area about a zin barrel finished rye, Hooker's House Rye, that I enjoyed last night. It seems we are seeing finished bourbons and ryes enter the marketplace with some regularity. After a slow start, there are some I haven't cared for (WR Sonoma-Cutrer), and some I simply adore (Angel's Envy, Parkers Heritage...). It looks like most every distillery is trying it's hand at it, along with some of the upstarts and NDP's. After just not "getting it" at first, I have found that I have to approach these whiskies differently than the regular bourbons and ryes. They seem to excell as an apertif-type sipper. Many seem to pair well with some foods, especially desserts, cigars, etc., but I find them not to stand as well on their own, like they might in their original form before finishing. For instance, I can't see myself spending an evening sipping nothing other than these finished whiskies. But, where they do fit, I find them to oftentimes hit the spot directly in my wheelhouse. So, I have found a place in my line-up for them, and see myself continuing to experiment with what I hope are continued offerings from the distilleries.

So, that's what I think. How about you? Like them? Dislike? Waste of whiskey, and your time? Or, notable additions to the line, and worthy of your "regular" or "experimental" whiskey dollars? Would you like to see more offerings? Less?