I've been an avid reader of the "Smokes" forum for a while now. Finally my curiosity got the better of me, and I decided to try a cigar. The salesman at Havana Connections, based on my request for a "mild" cigar suitable for a beginner, suggested a Baccarat. I also asked him for a "really good" cigar, and he suggested an A. Fuente Gran Reserva. I bought both of these, and I also picked up a Punch Gran Puro, having seen Punch come up frequently in the forum. I also bought a cheap cigar cutter and a cheap punch-style cutter that fits on my key ring. The verdict: I really enjoyed smoking these cigars! Well, I enjoyed the Punch and the Fuente; the Baccarat had a disturbing sweet taste that I found somewhat off-putting. Also, I found that I prefer the punch to the cutter.

I'm raising a glass of Old Charter Proprietor's Reserve to all the Smokes posters who inspired me to try something new! and By the way, any suggestions for what to try next?