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    Is this Old Charter 10 a UD bottle or BT?

    I found this bottle today, next to a shelf full of Old Charter 8 year. It was the only one, and I didn't have my notes with me, so I bought it on a whim (for $20/750 mL). Based on the pictures on BourbonEnthusiast, I suspect this is BT product, but I can't find a picture of the UD iteration.

    SKU ends in 009837, 86 proof (both the UD and BT versions were 86, so that doesn't help me). Numbers on bottom of bottle are:

    9:00 position - 42
    6:00 position - 98 (though that second digit didn't mold as clearly as all the other digits on the bottom.)
    3:00 position - 16

    There is also a faint "printing" of a date code or similar on the bottom, next to the "16", that reads (as best I can tell): 42 22 371 8 1458

    Can anyone help me out on the UD vs. BT question? Also, how's the bourbon?

    Edit: I'll post a picture in the next post. Can't figure out how to add it now.
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