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    Re: Rathskeller Rye?

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    Big thanks and props to KBD for their helpfulness and amazing products!
    If there is one thing KBD is known for, it's their helpfulness

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    Re: Rathskeller Rye?

    I assume from what everyone is saying that all of these are from that batch of what was originally supposed to be Cream of Kentucky Rye made at Old Bernheim in Louisville when it was still owned by United Distillers (today's Diageo).

    The Old Rittenhouse is definitely not part of that. It is rye whiskey made by Heaven Hill at DSP-31 (Bardstown). It was made for a customer who never took delivery so Heaven Hill bought it back.

    The Old Seelbach Bar is a wonderful bar. If you like cocktails, try their eponymous one. Also walk downstairs and have a look at the Rathskellar, a marvel of ceramic artistry from Cincinnati's Rookwood Pottery.
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