Since the Jack Danielís Single Barrel came out in 1997 Iíve been buying an extra bottle each year and stashing it away to eventually do a vertical tasting. Well, now that I have bottles from 15 years I figured its time to actually do it. Iíll probably do 3-4 bottles a month and compare them with a 2012 bottle. I realize these being single barrels the results may not be completely indicative of the whole year but what the heck, its fun anyway.

Bottled on 1-21-97
A little thin on the mouth feel. I taste a hint of black cherries. A nice sweetness to it. The oak and char is there but isnít huge. Pretty good sipper but not as big as the newer ones

Bottled on 3-10-98
This was the thinnest and flattest of the four sampled. Not a whole lot going on with this one. A little oak and char on the finish and a little bitterness comes through, but thatís about it

Bottled on 3-15-99
A little thicker mouth feel on this one. A touch more of the oak and char. Easy drinking, sweet and smooth.

Bottled on 5-21-12
Thick mouth feel, some nuttiness comes through. Much more pronounced oak and char. The biggest one of the bunch. Love this one.

So far Iíd say they are all the same general taste profile but it seems the JDSB has gotten fuller and more oaky with more char flavor since it started out. After I finish these bottles Iíll do another round of tasting