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Thread: Today's Puzzler

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    Today's Puzzler

    I was in a store the other day, and saw a brand I've not seen much written about here: Sam Houston. There were 4 bottles, so I pulled the first one down to look at it. Small batch, NAS. When I went to put it back, the one behind it was different - it had an age statement (10 Years). So I started comparing the two:

    NAS was 42.8%, batch 47, bottle 1323 (two other bottles were NAS, same batch, bottle numbers within 10 of this one), UPC starts with 55709 (ignoring the small first number)
    10 year was 45%, batch number faded off, bottle number very faded but looked like 127. UPC also starts with 55709.

    No dates on the bottoms of the bottles, but one (and I didn't record which) had a manufacturer's symbol - a triangle followed by a capital "V".

    BE.com has reviews of a 45% Sam Houston that span 2005 to 2009, and the picture looks a lot like the 10 year bottle I had in my hands (see pics below). BE.com also has review of a 43.25% offering written from 2007 to 2010. But there is no mention of a 42.8% offering.

    Are either of these noteworthy? Can anyone tell me anything about this juice? McLain & Kyne/Castle Brands are not names I know.
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