I have received some PM's in regards to some rumors regarding MM so I thought I would make this post and set things straight.

In the near future MM will be distributing it's bourbon at 84 proof.

This decision was made due to the demand for MM outstripping the production. For a couple of months MM has been struggling with how to handle the increased demand. As you know, the bourbon being put into bottles now was produced about six years ago and although the production at that time was increased, it still has not keep up with the increase in demand. Testing was done to see if bottling at a younger age would cure some of these growing pains but it was discarded because the taste profile was not up to MM standards. Additional consumer testing showed that reducing the proof did not affect the profile (other than less alcohol burn) and allowed for a greater number of bottles to be filled per barrel.

In conclusion, it was a decision between reducing the proof or not having enough product for the shelves.