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    Re: MM Proof Change

    Quote Originally Posted by Leopold View Post
    I think that our former chocolate-man CEO Shattock has bigger fish to fry. The cost to expand a distillery to handle a conservative 7% annual increase is a laughable non-expense if you're thinking long term. This looks like a binary decision made by a crew that has had to deal with hostile takeover rumors from day one. These are chess pieces that are moving, and for many of these people, there's no such thing as long term.
    Agree. This is about Beam not Makers. Since Beam split from Fortune they have exceeded analyst's expectations and their shares have grown 40%. But sales of 2.5 billion are a shadow in the rear view mirror of Diageo's 14.4 billion. Beams spending more money than ever on advertising (up 11% this year and 20% last quarter) for a reason along with what's going on at Makers.
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