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I remember going to a MM tasting a few years back, around the time of the MM46 release. After the standard release sample, they gave us a taste that was characterized as "over-aged" ---- this was said with a very visual and audible retching motion. Then, Kevin Smith, who was at the time, MM's Master Distiller, asked the audience what they preferred. Over two-thirds of the group selected the "over-aged" (i.e., more mature, more flavorful option) over the standard. There was a very long and pregnant pause before the program shifted akwardly to other topics.
I bet they stopped giving samples of "over-aged" MM at these tastings.

If I had my druthers, I'd choose a MM at 7-8 years and 101 or perhaps 107 over something in the 12 year range. I really think Maker's would be oh so much more interesting with just two to three more years in the barrel and a bit more proof.

How old would you say the "over-aged" sample was?