Well...................... I took samples of the MM 84 proof and MM 90 proof to the bowling alley to share with my team mates, and a couple other bowling buddies that like and share bourbon with us too. We did a blind comparison of the two. Six of us took part in this impromptu taste test. Gary (Vosgar) and I were pretty much the only real experienced bourbon lovers of the group. The results were that all six of us could tell there was a difference between the two, and five out of the six of us were able to pick out which one was which. The only guy that got it wrong was a friend who has the least amount of experience in drinking and tasting bourbon. He could tell there was a difference, and liked the 84 proof more because it was lighter and smoother. He thought it was the 90 proof for that reason.

Not being snide, but I guess that kinda blows a hole in MM's saying that there is/was no difference in the taste.