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    Handling Increased Demand

    Rather than derailing the MM proof cut thread...

    Considering the circumstance that demand for bourbon is higher now than it was a few years back, and seems to be increasing, I'm wondering how people would prefer the distillers handle the situation, obviously operating under the assumption that they wish to maximize profit. I'm also assuming the continued availability of the super high end bottles which are helping to create the demand.

    Eliminate labels to support others? Weller Centennial is no more, but we all know that 10 year old juice has found a good home after sleeping all those years in the wood. No one was happy about this and plenty of us are fretting over the fate of the rest of the line.

    Degrade age? The forum's Old Overholt drinkers were sad to find that it is now a three year old. Wild Turkey is a sadder tale. Weller, Evan Williams, and more. Never a popular decision.

    Degrade proof? Maker's Mark's decision sure isn't popular but I don't think it has upstaged the demise of Wild Turkey 101 Rye. Jack Daniel's, Eagle Rare, more examples of this too. None popular.

    Just increase the price? No one would be happy but at least it's free of subterfuge.

    All of them have their drawbacks. I'm up in the air over which of these I think is the least worst.
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