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    What PIPE tobacco are you smoking, winter 2013

    I don't know about you guys, but on these cold winter nights, there's not much better than a pipe warming up in your hand. What pipe tobacco are you smoking?

    I'll start it off with this: I went over to a friend's the other night, and we enjoyed some un-named english he had that had been in a humidor for a while (the cedar was a very interesting touch!) and then I finished off the night with a bowl of W.O. Larsen signature blend in a W.O. Larsen Pot.

    Bourbon pairs wonderfully with smoke of any kind, and the other night was no exception- I had a mixture of 50% woodford double-oaked and 50% ERSB 90 with a flamed and crushed orange peel to compliment my bowl.
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    I like to save up the charred bits in the bottom of the unfiltered stuff. When I have enough, I pour milk on it and eat it.



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