Meijer is a regional supercenter chain that started in Michigan and has slowly expanded out to Ohio and Indiana in the last several years - their business model is very similar to Walmart. I was in a Meijer store recently and I was surprised by the bourbon selection they had. One bottle in particular caught my eye and I purchased it. It was a Knob Creek Single Barrel. However, it had a metallic sticky tag stuck toward the top of the bottle. It states Barrel #284 Hand Selected by Meijer. On the right hand side is Fred Noe's signature - not his real signature, just an impression in the metallic tag.

I have a few questions. Who applied this metallic tag? Meijer or Knob Creek?

More importantly, this particular bottle is the first evidence that I have seen that Meijer has ever participated in a private barrel purchase. Have their been other private barrel purchases by Meijer in the past? Seems like private barrel purchases would be right in their wheel house. They have really stepped up their wine purchasing efforts in the last 5 to 10 years. Private bourbon purchases seems like the next logical step with their number of stores and excellent distribution system. Anybody know anything about this? Thanks in advance.