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Thread: Talisker Storm

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    Talisker Storm

    Looks like Diageo is releasing a new NAS Talisker called "Storm":


    The Skye whisky has been created by Diageo’s master blenders from a selection of rejuvenated and refill casks at different ages and bottled at 45.8% abv without an age statement.

    Master blender Dr Jim Beveridge said the idea was to create a whisky that reflected the distilleries character.

    “We sought out some mature Talisker, enriched and mellowed by time spent in carefully rejuvenated casks, and brought that together with some very fresh distillery character preserved by maturation in refill casks,” he said. “The result is Talisker’s unique distillery character delivered by aged, mature whiskies, integrated in one vibrant dram.”

    Talisker Storm is described as having the distillery’s signature sweet warmth and briny, peppery finish with a “deeper intensity”.

    It will be available early 2013 in domestic retail channels and whiskey specialists in select European markets, priced “between the Talisker 10-year-old ad the Talisker Distillers Edition”.

    Diageo added that further new expressions of Talisker would be released later in the year. It is expected that the brand will make another appearance in Diageo’s Special Releases lineup for 2013.
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    Re: Talisker Storm

    Looks very interesting. More age in older casks = slower aging.



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