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    Re: Current PVW Prices 2012/2013

    I guess I don't watch him as often as some. Does he often bring up PVW? I've seen him do it once, at a restaurant in Seattle.

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    Celebrity chefs, bourbon and misc. nonsense

    Just watch The Mind of a Chef, and David Chang has Julian Van Winkle and Sean Brook up a couple of times. I thought it was well presented, especially episode 8.

    I just want to live in Julian's tasting room. In the background it has so many nice bottles that I love, PVW and BTAC.

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    Re: Celebrity chefs, bourbon and misc. nonsense

    Julian also stated his grandfather started making whisky in 1893. Actually that is when PVW got his first job as a salesman with the Weller Co. With all deference to the old gentleman the truth is PVW never made a drop of whisky though he was a whiz at selling it.

    The Master Distillers that launched and ran Stitzel-Weller were members of the Beam family.
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