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I wonder if, after doing this, you'll be more likely to buy your choice when you have that amount to spend. Will some other products you used to buy fall out? Will you be more likely, if you're Clindt above, to always buy Eagle Rare Single Barrel when you have $30 to spend? And only consider something else if ERSB isn't there, or you're sick of it? Does thinking of your favorite bourbons this way change your buying habits at all?
To answer you question, I always have ERSB available. As long as I haven't emptied my bottle of ERSB, I will pick up whatever catches my eye. I will probably always keep on hand my <$30, <$40 and <$50 because I like them so much, but variety is the spice of life and I like having several bourbons in each category to choose from.
I did find one <$10 bourbon today, Benchmark. It is, meh. I guess I'll have to add it to my list a a default, since it is the only Straight Bourbon available to me under $10 ($9.99).