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    Re: Best Bourbon For $10, $20, $30, $40, $50?

    In Atlanta:

    Under $10: N/A
    Under $20: Buffalo Trace ($19.99)
    Under $30: Eagle Rare 10 ($28.99)
    Under $40: Don't drink much in this range - probably either CEHT SmB or KC SB
    Under $50: Four Roses Barrel Strength Private Selections ($49.99)
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    Re: Best Bourbon For $10, $20, $30, $40, $50?

    Interesting to see what price ranges people are slotting certain brands. Some of them I think, wow, I wish I could get it for that price here. And others, I realize I've got it pretty good in comparison. In general, I'll go with what seems to be the consensus - it ain't gettin' any cheaper.

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    Re: Best Bourbon For $10, $20, $30, $40, $50?

    Prices reflect the cheapest (from memory) of the 4 stores I most frequent (Julio's in Westborough, MA; Wyman's and Kappy's in Leominster/Fitchburg, MA; NH State Liquor Store - Nashua, NH).

    Under $10: I've never seen a 750ml up here under $10
    Under $20: Old Grand Dad 100 Bonded ($19.99)
    Under $30: Buffalo Trace ($22.99 in NH. Much more pricey in MA, but still usually under $30)
    Under $40: Four Roses Single Barrel ($39.99)
    Under $50: Blanton's ($45.99)

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    Re: Best Bourbon For $10, $20, $30, $40, $50?

    To the top for my favorite thread... In Minnesota we have lost all $10 selections. In the $20 range I'm enjoying OGD 114, fighting cock, EWSB.

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    Re: Best Bourbon For $10, $20, $30, $40, $50?

    < $10: Old Crow ($9.99) - not a fan, but it IS bourbon...
    < $20: Rittenhouse - rye, but too good not to mention
    < $30: Elijah Craig ($24) - best $/oz bourbon, IMHO. Honorable mention to OGD 114 @ $22
    < $40: KCBP ($35) - all that's good about KC with a nice kick in the teeth
    < $50: Baker's ($43) - Nice high proof and still super amooth

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    Re: Best Bourbon For $10, $20, $30, $40, $50?

    It is interesting how the bourbons in each price point has changed since this thread has started.

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    Re: Best Bourbon For $10, $20, $30, $40, $50?

    Quote Originally Posted by mbroo5880i View Post
    It is interesting how the bourbons in each price point has changed since this thread has started.
    LoL, I found it funny one of the early posters was complaining about the shit availability in Pennsylvania. Glad I'm not the only one who is fed up with our "system". And here I thought I was just a complainer who hates the PLCB and FW&GS stores.

    I'm amazed at not only the LOW prices for some of you, but also how it makes no sense to see such WIDE variance in pricing and availability by state. Seriously bourbon makes no sense how it is distributed and how it is priced. It makes it seem like a tiered system of corruption, and the only thing that varies is how much corruption and cronyism is in each state to add on extra costs for moving it thru the state, which affects how high your prices go. Also worth noting is how a certain state may see INSANE low prices on Buffalo Trace, while a neighboring state may see extreme High prices for BT. Now shipping it that extra 100 miles really increased costs? Or is it just lining the pockets of a different politician/local liquor control board. Thats the amazing thing I take from realizing how much corruption is in our distribution system.

    And my choices, keep in mind its shitty pennsylvania availability:

    <$10: Nothing I would drink. I think Heaven Hill has an awful watered down 80 proof white label, 36 month age stated (for real they state 36 months on the label like its something to be proud of) bourbon for maybe 9.99 but I think even it is 11.99 now. Benchmark is close but I wouldn't drink it either.
    <$20: Old Grand Dad BiB is often on sale at $16.99 so i stock up when it is, and I have to special order it but Old Fitzgerald's 1849 is $19.69 which I keep cases of.
    <$30: This is the sweet spot for mid shelf bourbons here, and about the only good thing about pennsylvania is at least this widely distributed juice is able to be found here even if most other popular bourbons are not. Fav's here are EC12, Eagle Rare both around $25.99, Recently Wild Turkey RB went on clearance at $29.99 so I bought a bunch, great juice for that price.
    <$40: Smooth ambler Old Scout 7yr is $34.99 when its available. I love this stuff so I pretty much bought up all the bottles in several adjacent counties. 4 Roses Single Barrel is just as good but its regularly $39.99 here, occasionally on sale at 36.99.
    <$50: Bookers goes on sale pretty often at $47.99, Knob Creek Single barrel reserve is $46.99. I don't drink much from here because I love my 20 to 30 category so much.
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    Re: Best Bourbon For $10, $20, $30, $40, $50?

    Would say the changes in Indiana are more related to availability than price-with exceptions.

    My current list:
    <$20-OGD 114($19.99)
    <$30-OWA ($23) but W12 ($26)(when available)
    <$40-ECBP was $39.99 for the first couple of batches but has crept up lately. So FRSB ($35)
    <$50-FRSB PS easy winner here ($49.99)
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    I'm not going to say that there is no corruption in the system but a lot of factors besides that can lead to wide differences in price. Variations in taxes and regulations on the state and local levels, variations in levels of supply & demand, and competition between stores (in places where that exists) all play a role.
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    Re: Best Bourbon For $10, $20, $30, $40, $50?

    Although I frequently buy in the shops in DC, I also often wonder over to Montgomery Count MD, where the prices are generally very low.

    Under $10 - EW Black ($8.99)
    Under $20 - JBB ($16-18), Dickel Rye ($17)
    Under $30 - ER10 ($25), EC12 ($21)
    Under $40 - 4RSB (39.99), KCSB ($33.99)
    Under $50 - Bookers ($49.99)



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