Yep, I'm one of the people that doesn't care about Maker's Mark and whether it's 101, 90, 84, or out of business. So here's an oasis away from the crying, celebrating, press releases, arguing, tom-foolery (Not the distillery- those guys rock!), and any other adjective I could think of.....

Post your "Why I don't drink Maker's Mark or care about what's going on" story here:

I don't care for "wheated" bourbons. I can appreciate the flavor profile and I can understand the craftsmanship and skill that go into brands like Van Winkle or Maker's Mark, but I just don't care for the sweetness and simpleness they impart. I'm a "rye guy" and I like brashness and spice in my whiskey and "wheated' bourbons do not deliver for my palate.

Or, if you don't care to "hate" on poor Maker's Mark, post up your favorite bourbon or rye- anything to get our minds off the media firestorm this has created!