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    Re: Are you guys STILL drinking tonight??

    I had OGD 114 last night, too. I have always liked it, but last night it was so good I am just about ready to proclaim it my number three favorite (current 1 & 2 are OFBB '89 anf Rare Breed). The 114 is so sweet and pleasant. Even straight.

    My bottle is almost empty and I will have to travel out of state to replace it, though. Even though I can buy the 86 at my local ABC'c.


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    Re: Are you guys STILL drinking tonight??

    I agree with you entirely...In my mind, Booker's is the very clear winner of the small batch collection...it is excellent...Baker's is very good with Basil Hayden an easy pour but a distant third and Knob Creek a distant fourth.
    That's exactly the way I'd call it too. Only honestly, for the money, I'd just as soon have JB Black label, as any of the 4...

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    Re: Are you guys STILL drinking tonight??

    Old Rip Van Winkle Old Time Rye 12 Year Old, while trying to regain my composure as I deal with the latest in a string of computer problems.

    I know this is the only bottle of this rye that I will ever have, and I'm not particularly sad about that. I think I slightly prefer the VWFR 13 y/o.

    If anything, the OT 12 tastes older to me than the 13 -- more wood/char notes, anyway, and not as spritely on the tongue.

    Yours truly,
    Dave Morefield



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