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Why not? It's pretty easy to tell who likes what and why. It wouldn't be hard. Maybe I should make my own whiskey and do it.

Are you sure you didn't? Two of your posts kinda come across this way. Not that it really matters all that much, I think we're really on the same page, here.
I see where you're going. But again, I don't blame Hansell for reviewing what he's sent by the producers, I'm just saying that the review does not hold up for me when it comes to various barrels. If he purchased, and reviewed, a bottle off the shelf, and it was barrel #23, I'd give it more credence. He's not a shill, nor does he lack integrity, but it is in his best interest to not question, or have anyone question, the merit of his review of "barrel #1", which I'll never see in the wilderness. I mean, where does the rest of barrel #1 go? Anyone ever seen it?

Critical examinations need not be viewed as attacks, although they often are.

As for the second quote, well, Cowdery isn't a "reviewer" for the advocate. My second quote that you used was simply about certain posting practices on SB.